At Fab Frocks, we’ve just invested in a turntable that spins our window mannequin around 360 degrees. This device is perfect for showing off backless dresses to their full potential. Window shoppers love to stop and watch the mannequin do her spin so they can get the full impact of the backless dress.

This season, making an exit seems as important as making an entrance. So much emphasis at red carpet events is on the back of the dress.  Low, backless dresses have always been a great look for evening and cocktail wear but now there is also emphasis on backless with detail thrown in.

By this, I mean a backless dress that maybe has diamante straps across the back of it. Or a dress that has a shower of pearls hanging down the back like a necklace. Some will have the backless area trimmed with lace (like our featured little black dress from City Goddess at £65) or ornate beadwork to frame your back beautifully. And if you don’t want to bare your back completely, some styles this season have nude netting to cover your back yet you still get a backless effect.

Backless dresses – top tips on back factor

If the back of your dress is completely open, be sure to take your bra off at least a few hours before your event. Red marks across your skin will ruin the whole impact of a beautiful backless dress.

Be sure to exfoliate your back a few days before you wear your dress. This will brighten up your skin, banish blemishes and help to keep spots at bay.

If the dress is very low at the back, do the knicker check.  Pants, however pretty, peeping over the top of the dress line will shatter your style. Even worse, a rogue size label hanging out!

Builder’s back is not a great look for you or for others to have to look at. Back not your best asset? Then, why not go for a style that is not cut so low at the back. V-shaped backs are very flattering and just expose your shoulder blades. Also, why not consider a dress that has a netted panel across the back?  This still looks sexy but is less revealing.

Now, you can make a glamorous entrance and an even more glamorous exit!