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Prom dress shopping – how to make it stress-free!

It’s time for prom dress shopping! Mums with teenage daughters are probably already prommed out and there are still six months to go before the big night!

Shopping with a teenager is often an interesting experience! Factor in the importance of prom night and peer pressure and it can cause some friction! So here’s some top tips which should hopefully help reduce the stress levels for both of you!

Prom dress shopping – top tips

Set your budget before you go shopping. Agree with your daughter so she has an expectation and knows the limits. Some shops now offer payment plans to help spread the cost of buying a prom dress. Prices can vary for prom dresses from £50 to over £500.

Some shops – mainly the independent boutiques like mine – will keep a prom log to record which dresses they have sold to each school. It has become so important for prommers to have a dress that noone else will have at their school. We now won’t even sell the same dress in a different colour. So we only sell one of a style to one school.

Be wary of buying a dress direct from abroad. I have had so many people  come into our shop with horror stories about not getting their dress. Some have received a dress that looks nothing like the photograph they ordered it from. What should have been a cheap buy ends up costing more! If you need to buy online, many reputable UK-based special occasion boutiques now have online shopping facilities.

Most prom dresses will need altering in some way. Altering the length, straps and area around the bust is quite common. You should be able to find an alteration service through the shop you buy your dress from, online or many drycleaners offer this service. It is wise to allow about two weeks for any alterations to be done.

Don’t worry about sizing. You will find that prom dresses are not sized up like normal, every day dresses. It is very common to go up one or even two sizes.

When you’ve found the dress, stop looking! Tell your daughter to put it away until the big night and pour yourself a huge glass of wine!





Prom dress Becky by Tiffanys Illusion
It's prom dress season - be sure to do your homework before you go shopping


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