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Mothers of the groom please stop taking a back seat

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

It’s been a busy morning at our boutique with mothers of the bride and groom in looking for their wedding outfits and today again I’ve heard what always amazes me. “I’m the mother of the groom so need to take a back seat.” “I’m not as important as the other mother”. Why?

I tell my mothers of the groom that it’s their son that’s made the bride happy, without him there would be no wedding so why shouldn’t she also enjoy the experience of being a VIP – very important parent.

I know there is an etiquette that mothers of the bride should get their outfit first and consult with the mother of the groom – the latter makes sense as you don’t want both mums clashing or even worse, turning up in similar outfits.┬áBut there is no etiquette to say the mother of the groom should play down her look or opt for something plain.

It’s so lovely when mums of the bride and mums of the groom come to choose their outfits together and have a wonderful girlie day out, enjoying the whole experience together.

Go on mums of the groom – make your son as proud as he has made you over the years!